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The Tax Audit Pros
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Our "international taxation division" is headed by a "former IRS agent" with an MBA.  He is
"International Examiner" and an IRS International Team Manager.  He will assist to
maximize the money your business keeps and will advise you on how to steer clear of
"IRS audits" and penalty traps being set now by the IRS to catch offshore and overseas affiliated
companies doing business in the USA.
  •  VAT- "Value Added Taxes"

  • "Transfer Pricing Audits"

  • "Offshore Corporations"

  • "Offshore Tax Shelter" Issues

  • "International Taxation"

  • "Multinational Corporations"

  • 1040 NR

  • IC DISC - "Interest Charge Domestic  
International  Sales Corporation"

  • "Overseas Sales Tax Compliance"