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Our Team Defends Insurance Agents Who Sold 419 and 412i Benefit Plans

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Specializing in 412i and "419 Plan Help" and "IRS Audit Defense"for Insurance Agents
The Tax Audit Pros
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Our team of experienced consulting "tax attorneys", CPAs, and "insurance experts" specializing in 412i" and "419 "IRS
" that resulted from plans you sold to your clients, mainly "419 plans", "412i plans", "captive insurance" plans
"Section 79" plans as well as other similar "employee benefit plans" or "welfare benefit plans" that the IRS is
targeting as
"abusive tax shelters".

Our firm has been successful in
"defending life insurance agents" and "material advisors" who have participated in
the sale of these
"benefit plans".

If you signed a return or participated in the sale of these
"welfare benefit plans", you are probably a "material
" and subject to huge "IRS penalties and interest". No "Form 8886" or "Form 8918" that we have reviewed for
new clients has been properly prepared, which leaves the
"material advisor" subject to the $200,000 "IRS penalty".

We fight for our clients to defend against the $200,000 IRS
"6707A penalty" by providing "expert witness
".  Lance's side has never lost a case!