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    Click HERE to listen to  expert "Lance Wallach" speak about "listed transactions", "419 plan
    issues", "welfare benefit plans" and annuities and how new "IRS regulations" can affect you if you
    participated in one of these types of "benefit plans". Then make sure YOU obtain his services
    before your adversary does.

    Remember, you could still be penalized for failure to file "Form 8886" and those "IRS penalties"
    can be severe. The moratorium on collecting penalties passed on June 1, 2010, so it is
    imperative to seek help now if you are to avoid penalties.

Need some help from the "419" and "412i" abusive tax shelter expert?
"Expert" Lance Wallach's side has never lost a case!
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Lance Wallach
More Credentials:
  • National Society of Accountants
    Speaker of the Year and member of
  • AICPA faculty of teaching
  • Frequent speaker on retirement
    plans, financial and estate planning,
    and abusive tax shelters.  
  • Writes about 412(i), 419, and
    captive insurance plans.
  • Speaks at more than ten
    conventions annually
  • Writes for more than fifty
  • Is quoted regularly in the press and
    has been featured on television and
    radio financial talk shows including
    NBC, National Pubic Radio's All
    Things Considered, and others.
  • Author of Protecting Clients from
    Fraud, Incompetence and Scams
    published by John Wiley and Sons
  • Author of Bisk Education's CPA's
    Guide to Life Insurance and
    Federal Estate and Gift Taxation.
  • Author of AICPA best-selling
    books, including Avoiding Circular
    230 Malpractice Traps and
    Common Abusive Small Business
    Hot Spots.
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When you have "IRS problems", you
need a proven winner to stand up to
them and help you avoid
"IRS penalties
and fines.

If you are suffering from
"IRS tax
penalties you should know that when
Lance Wallach was on a team.........

His side never lost a case!

Due to recent changes in "IRS regulations",
both participants
and their "material advisors"
can be subject to large "IRS tax penalties"! The
IRS is auditing many of these
"benefit plans"
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