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Lance Wallach Managing Director
                   If The IRS Contacts You...
                                     Lance Wallach

Keep your mouth shut-take this advice seriously.

If you give the agents any opening, you're dead.

They'll start with soft background questions, but before you know it, will have trapped you. And many
questions won't be genuine-that is, the agents already know the answers and are asking only to
see if you will lie or confess.

Questions typically asked by agents include:

Have you reported all of your income?
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If The IRS Contacts You...

“Benistar Plan is a thinly disguised vehicle for unlimited tax-deductible investments.”

In a recent U.S. Tax Court case, taxpayers suffered a double loss. The taxpayers, consisting of four
couples, had purchased welfare benefit plans marketed by Benistar 419 Plan Services. Under the
plan, Benistar provided preretirement life insurance to select employees of companies enrolled in
the plan. Small employers like the plans because they allow pretax contributions to be shielded
from taxation.

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Benistar Problems
Abusive Insurance and Retirement Plans

Single–employer section 419 welfare benefit plans are
the latest incarnation in insurance deductions the IRS
deems abusive

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